Automated machines are essential to every industry today. However, meticulous programming is required for optimal operation.

Our experts are able to perform the audit, functional analysis and risk analysis of your system, as well as PLC and HMI programming and converter programming.

At GPAI, we offer to develop Batch, Process and Machine applications (applications servo, motion, positioning) and Safety applications (PL and SIL standards).

We also offer mounting, cabling, testing and commissioning of control/command, instrumentation and air-compression cabinets, as well as on-site training for production and maintenance staff.

What’s more, GPAI can integrate different systems: Siemens, Schneider, ABB… as well as DCS (Distributed Control System) Siemens PCS7. GPAI also has the capacity to perform integration of industrial networks and implementation of copper, optical fibre and Wireless technology.

We also carry out revamping (renovation and restoration) of process equipment in order to extend life span, improve reliability, increase production and be in compliance with environmental safety standards.

For each one of our services, we provide you with a technical file, calculations, sizing and a user manual.

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